We empower women, make them self-reliant and a strong support to their homes and the society.




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Savings and Investment Plan


Nassara Women Initiative is a Cooperative Society located in the Abuja Metropolis. It was registered in October 2014 with the Bwari Area Council office with the sole purpose of assisting women to build self- sustaining economic system.

It recognizes the need for the nation to harness and develop its vast natural and human resources. Seeing this, the founder and President, Mrs Bunmi Elewoyori decided to assist women realize their dreams of owning businesses, setting up cottage industries and developing business ideas that would boost the nation's economic growth.

It started with ten(10) women and currently has grown to a number of about One Hundred (100) women.


-of women who are taught the values of financial integrity and other business skills capable of setting them up for individual growth and development.

Nassara Women Initiatives is a  financial hub of women helping women by way of savings and thrifts. This enables every woman build the savings culture and helps her realize her financial goals for every year.

It's a group of women who believe that no woman should get stranded financially. At every bridge you get to as a member, Nassara provides an intervention mode to help you through her internal lending portfolios.

Nassara does not only carter for its members, but also provides platform non-members to invest in her multi investment portfolios and provides a reward system for all investors by way of dividend and partnership rewards

It is a hub that helps women access government and local intervention to build their dream business thereby contributing their quota to the society and country at large.


  • Provision of various investment opportunities & business solutions for individuals, members, investors and partners.
  • Build and operate a membership — based cooperative.
  • Provision of employment opportunities. Organize seminars and economic summits for members.
  • Provide opportunities for loan schemes for trading, assets acquisition and project financing at a reasonable interest rate.
  • Build a business conglomerate towards developing the economy of the nation.
We are a visionary cooperative that constantly seek ways to meeting major needs of our members along the areas of our core values



At Nassara Women, we believe in the personal development and growth of our members.

We do this through trainings on vast range of topics. We have the following:


Girl Child Initiative -

We hold outreaches to girls in public schools and vulnerable communities by provision of sanitary items as often as possible and education of the girl child on their rights.

Hospital Visit: 

We reach out to select number of people in hospitals with gifts and presents.

Empowerment Initiatives:

We  reach out to people in rural communities and we empower them with petty businesses to create income to sustain their families.


Sign-up for our Open market. Start planning for your household food items and grocery needs by saving.

We buy in bulk at prevailing market wholesale price and share among members.


Meetings hold on the last Friday of every month by 2 PM at Kubwa and last Saturdays of every month, also by 4PM for Jikwoyi, Lugbe and Lokogoma respectively.

Every member is expected to be regular in attendance to meetings. Meetings hold in 3 locations across the city of Abuja.

  • llTA Road, Phase 4, Kubwa
  • Same Global Estate Lokogoma
  • TrueVine Stores by Sector F, Lugbe

Every financially committed member enjoys all privileges and opportunities that comes with being a member.